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Hi, I'm Amy

I have lived my life with chronic illness.

I was born with severe urinary and gynecological birth defects leaving me without an ability to bear children. I have faced more surgeries, hospitalizations, medical emergencies and complications than I can count, and certainly more than I care to remember. My kidneys are constantly at risk of infection and damage and will continue to be so. I have been diagnosed with cancerous lesions on three separate occasions, and thank God, the lesions were surgically removed each time.

This means that I am dependent on medical devices and prescriptions drugs, and will be for the remainder of my life.

I have lost relationships. I have lost jobs and careers. I have lost physical abilities. All due to my medical issues.

However, throughout all of this, I have known that I have always had a choice.

I could choose bitterness, anger, hatred and allow those emotions to spill out into my relationships.

Or...  I could choose grace. I could choose to use my experiences to offer compassion, empathy, love and seek positive in each of my daily struggles.

I choose God. I choose to accept my cross. I choose to take it up and to use it for good. 

So here is the faithful arm of my community, Living Today Well. Here you will find media inspiring how to live through any hardship with grace and motivation to deepen our relationship with the Creator. This is my effort at finding the nugget of good in this sea of negativity, the crumb of knowledge that may help one of my fellow spoonies improve their own experience.

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